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JUL 20, 2020
20/07/20 - Get Stronger with Dr Leroy, being good in phase 2 and arranged marriages
Today we talked about getting stronger with Dr Leroy, being good in phase 2 and arranged marriages.

JUL 17, 2020
17/07/20 - The East Coast Makan Plan with K F Seetoh
K F Seetoh shares with us his East Coast Makan Plan.

JUL 16, 2020
16/07/20 - What the best way to lose your job? with Adrian Choo
Todays topic is about loosing your job. what would cost you your jobs? 

JUL 15, 2020
15/07/20 - Cultural Medallion winner and Singapore's King of Swing Jeremy Monteiro
Joining us this morning, jazz pianist, singer, composer, music educator, cultural medallion 2002 winner, Singapore's King of Swing, Jeremy Monteiro. 

JUL 14, 2020
14/07/20 - When eating becomes an issue with Dr Geraldine
Today, Dr Geraldine talked about when eating becomes an issue.

JUL 13, 2020
13/07/20 - We discuss fasting with Dr Leroy and Lisa Marie White
On today's Get Stronger with Dr Leroy, we talk about the different diets and Lisa Marie shares her diet plans with us

JUL 9, 2020
09/07/20 - How to Career-ready our kids with Adrian Choo
Today, our career strategist Adrian Choo, talks about how to career-ready our kids and who might be the new James bond 

JUL 8, 2020
08/07/20 - What TV shows would you like to see remade?
What TV shows would you like to see remade? And we spoke to conductor for Child Aid 2020, Wong Kah Chun. 

JUL 7, 2020
07/07/20 - Understanding Bullies with Dr Geraldine Tan
We talk about bullying today and Glenn's opens up about his experience.

JUL 6, 2020
06/07/20 - Which diet is the best for fat lost?
Today we Get Stronger with Dr Leroy and we put our movie buffs to the test

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