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JUL 3, 2020
03/07/20 - What dish do you think will vanish in the next 5 years?
K F Seetoh gives us the dishes that he thinks will be gone in the next 5 to 10 years.

JUL 2, 2020
02/07/20 - Starting your own business & we sat down with Benjamin Kheng
We talked about starting our own business with Adrian Choo and also caught up with Benjamin Kheng about Child Aid

JUL 1, 2020
01/07/20 - Working from home? Do you like it?
We find out what our fans think about working from home?

JUN 30, 2020
30/06/20 - The importance of socialising with Dr Geraldine Tan
Today, Dr Geraldine Tan taught us the importance of socialising 

JUN 29, 2020
29/06/20 - Is flirting welcomed?
According to a new survey flirting isn't welcomed anymore, do you think thats true? 

JUN 26, 2020
26/06/20 - What's your most preferred "National Dish"
What's your most preferred "National Dish" and it must be a Singaporean born and bred dish. K F Seetoh confirms our picks.

JUN 25, 2020
25/06/20 - Degree vs Experience Part 2 with Adrian Choo
Is having a degree more important than having experience? 

JUN 24, 2020
24/06/20 - Is having a degree more experience more important?
We debated whether, a degree is more important than work experience. And we chatted with Singer/Producer Jasmine Sokko.

JUN 23, 2020
23/06/20 - Dealing with Phase 2 fears in Singapore
Dealing with Phase 2 fears in Singapore with Dr Geraldine Tan on Therapy Tuesdays.

JUN 22, 2020
22/06/20 - How to get a six pack with Dr Leroy
Today on Get Stronger with Dr Leroy, we talked about Abs and how to train them. 

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