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JUN 19, 2020
19/06/20 - Your last meal with Makansutra Friday
TGIF, today on Makansutra Friday, K F Seetoh asked the boys what would their last meal be. Can you guess?

JUN 18, 2020
18/06/20 - Sexism in the work place
Today we had our career strategist Adrian Choo and partner Yen on the show to talk about sexism in the work place

JUN 17, 2020
17/06/20 - Phase 2 and Nathan Hartono on Child Aid 2020
Nathan Hartono joins us as we chat about Child Aid 2020 and phase 2. 

JUN 16, 2020
16/06/20 - Thoughts on Phase 2 and Toxic people with Dr Geraldine Tan
Today we share our thoughts on Phase 2 and Psychologist, Dr. Geraldine Tan teaches us how to handle toxic people. 

JUN 15, 2020
15/06/20 - Pandemic Proofing Your Physique with Dr Leroy
Welcome to our new fitness segment, Get Stronger with Dr Leroy also know on social media as @ketobeast

JUN 12, 2020
12/06/20 - KF Seetoh joins us as we talk about Western Food Hawkers
KF Seetoh joins us as we talk about Western Food Hawkers and also the safety measures that we would like to see at food centres.

JUN 11, 2020
11/06/20 - Are "traineeships"good for a new grad or an excuse for cheap labour
Are "traineeships"good for a new grad or an excuse for cheap labour, we speak to our career strategist Adrian Choo. 

JUN 10, 2020
10/06/20 - Do you have a Toxic colleague ?
Do you have a Toxic colleague ?

JUN 9, 2020
09/06/20 - Clarify Tracing Devices and Blood Donations
We clarify about the tracing devices and we speak to Robert Teo, Director of Blood Donor Programme, Singapore Red Cross. 

JUN 8, 2020
08/06/20 - Wearable tracking devices and "all-natural" landscaping
Would you be keen to wear tracking devices during this time of COVID-19 and what are your thoughts on Singapore having an "all-natural" landscape?

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