$100 AMGD Office Lunch

$100 AMGD Office Lunch

Win a $100 worth of lunch by AMGD for your entire office!

  • Want delicious, healthy food + convenience at your fingertips? AMGD delivers free island wide! Choose what you eat, when you want it – AMGD offers a flexible meal plan.
  • How do we make your journey to better nutrition interesting? With exciting menu updates, get a variety of well-balanced meals that are value for money. What you see is what you get, chicken, seafood, beef and vegetarian options available, healthy eating never gets boring.
  • Planning for a corporate event or party? Feed your team without busting their waistline! AMGD caters a healthy eat together session to energize your team, big or small. To discover more, speak to the team at 8781 9323.
  • AMGD’s CARE Series, featuring a total of 18 meals, is proudly endorsed by the Health Promotion Board’s Healthier Dining Program, especially suitable for those looking for healthier options and even recovery patients.
  • Ready to eat good and feel good with AMGD? Start your journey today, register now for 5% off your first pass at www.amgd.sg. For more updates, check out AMGD on Facebook @AMGDSG or Instagram @AMGD.SG.


  • Stay tuned to ONE FM’s #1 Breakfast Show with Glenn & The Flying Dutchman.
  • Listen out for the cue to call 66 911 913, for your chance to win!

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