$100 Grapevine Bar & Restaurant Dining Voucher

$100 Grapevine Bar & Restaurant Dining Voucher

Win a $100 dining voucher to Grapevine Bar & Restaurant!

  • Grapevine @ Guillemard is a chillout Cafe, Bistro, Bar and Restaurant, tugged nicely in Guillemard Road and just outside the hustle and bustle of central area.
  • They serve a good selection of:
    • Draft beers
    • Chilled bottled beers
    • Fine wines
    • Whiskies from various region
  • Their western cuisine also ranges from:
    • Savoury bar food
    • Hand-made pizzas
    • hearty hamburgers
    • Classic main courses like Fish & Chips, Chicken Chop and Steak.
  • In addition to their western cuisine, they have also introduced their delicious Japanese Donburi bowls which is well received by customers.


  • Stay tuned to ONE FM’s #1 Breakfast Show with Glenn & The Flying Dutchman.Listen out for the cue to call 66 911 913, for your chance to win!

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