$100 PastaMania Dining Voucher

$100 PastaMania Dining Voucher

Win a $100 dining voucher to PastaMania!

  • PastaMania is the largest Italian casual dining chain in Singapore offering a diverse range of pastas from the classic Italian Beef Bolognese and Carbonara to specially crafted fusion delights like their newest additions, Spicy Creamy Otak-Otak & Thai Style Aglio Seafood now available at all PastaMania outlets.
  • All their pastas are cooked to order, this is how they maintain the fresh experience and flavour of each pasta dish served. Besides using fresh produce, only “in-house PastaMania” brand of whole-peeled Roma tomatoes from Italy are approved and used worldwide. They farm and produce our tomato sauce in the northern part of Italy; and before shipping out for consumption, they also go through an intensive quality control process to assure product quality.
  • With their strong belief and passion in delivering the best products and services, they are able to continue growing both locally and internationally.


  •  Stay tuned to ONE FM on weekdays from 8pm-12midnight.
  • Listen out for the cue to call 66 911 913, for your chance to win! 

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