$100 The Malayan Council Dining Voucher

$100 The Malayan Council Dining Voucher

Win a $100 dining voucher to The Malayan Council!

  • The Malayan Council is a charming little Halal Cafe that sits within the oldest street in Singapore.
  • It is the perfect spot to kick your shoes off.
  • The Malayan Council, when west meets Malaya.
  • You can indulge on their top selling items like:
    • Classic Ondeh Ondeh Cake
    • Durian Pengat Cake
    • Tea Tarik Milkshake
    • Roti Kirai Beef Ribs
    • Asam Pedas Seafood Aglio
    • Singapore Chilli Lobster
  • They are located at 22 Dunlop Street and they also have a new outlet at 71 bussorah street that you can swing by for a whole new experience.
  • For more information log on to their Facebook page: THE MALAYAN COUNCIL and Instagram @themalayancouncil


  • Stay tuned to ONE FM’s Weekdays with Cheryl.
  • Listen out for the cue to call 66 911 913, for your chance to win!

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