Win The Palawan @ Sentosa – HydroDash session for 4 worth $108!

The prize includes: 4 entry tickets with inclement weather insurance and 4 canned soft drinks.

Climb, slide and bounce your way through HydroDash, Singapore's first and only floating aqua park located at The Palawan @ Sentosa.

The inflatable playground and obstacle course on the open water is designed for everyone. With floats of varying difficulty levels, you can challenge your friends and family!

Some of their floats include: 

    • Flip - The first free floating catapult where your friends can jump on and catapult you into the air.
    • Action Tower XXL - A challenging high obstacle float that you can climb, crawl, hang, slide and jump off into the sea.

Find out more at thepalawansentosa.com


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