Win assorted flavours of Koka Delight and Koka Purple Wheat Non-Fried, Steamed and Baked noodles worth $100!



Established in 1986, Tat Hui Foods is the leading manufacturer of Koka instant noodles in Singapore. In recent years, the company became a pioneer in the introduction of healthier instant noodles, developing award winning products such as Purple Wheat and Non-Fried noodle ranges

Unlike other offerings in the market, Koka Delight and Purple Wheat noodles are:

  • Non fried / lower in fat
  • Higher in wholegrains
  • Purple noodle range contains Anthocyanins – a natural antioxidant
  • All Healthier Choice certified

Koka Delight and Koka Purple Wheat range of instant noodles boasts local and international flavours. From the classic Laksa and Curry, to Aglio Olio, to Chilli and Lime, Koka got all your cravings covered!



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