Quentin’s Singapore

Quentin's Singapore

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Quentin's Bar & Restaurant explores an Individual dining style of the Eurasian Cuisine, that is traditionally communal.

 Located in Singapore's most visited attractions, Sentosa, Quentin's Bar & Restaurant will offer traditional food and a great dining experience with serenity and a hint of luxury, perfect for dates with your hubby and special celebrations.

 Guests can expect a modern twist to the 500-year-old cuisine, where East-meets-West in all aspects, namely - food, location & experience.

 The blends of Asian and European flavour are rich in variety ranging from fiery hot chilli-mustard-vinegar flavoured curry to a mild-cinnamon-garlic-onion flavoured stew.


Quentin's Singapore also features Quentin's The Eurasian Restaurant!

Offering a Family Oriented Dining Experience, Quentin's The Eurasian Restaurant offers a Traditional Eurasian Dining Experience through communally served dishes.

Quentin's The Eurasian Restaurant is a family favourite with an indoor playground for kids and live music for the adults from Tuesday to Saturday.

The restaurant embraces a warm and rustic feel giving guests an experience back in time, away from the city's buzz.


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