The Wine & Gourmet Friends

The Wine & Gourmet Friends


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The Wine & Gourmet Friends

  • Opened in September 2018, The Wine & Gourmet Friends is an Asian-tapas wine bistro, founded on the belief that friendships are forged and flourish over good wines and heart-warming food! The 56-seater bistro occupies the ground floor of a conservation shop-house on Bukit Pasoh Road.


  • Within this comfortable, unintimidating space, friends and family can gather for a hearty meal, and anyone eager to learn more about wines are welcomed!



  • The bistro boasts a walk-in wine cellar which holds over 300 different styles of wine from over 80 Old and New World wine producers. Eighty percent of these are EXCLUSIVE to The Wine & Gourmet Friends.


  • The wines are specially curated by Mr William Seah, owner and managing director at The Wine & Gourmet Friends, who has over six different international wine and spirit qualifications and is the sole ASEAN recipient of Wine Australian Scholarship 2012.


  • William and his team work with many small, family-owned boutique winemakers around the world. These winemakers stay true to the traditional winemaking techniques of their region, producing bottles of great quality and rich with history and culture.


  • Bottles range from $25 to $1,888, while wines by the glass start from $6 per glass.



  • Many of the dishes served at The Wine & Gourmet Friends are skilful adaptations of dishes that Chefs Wilson Ang and Gus Wang grew up with – big on flavours with twists that surprise the palate, yet easily recognisable from the first spoonful.


  • Diners can look forward to Asian-style bites and highlights such as Prawn & Seafood Bite (Hei Zou), Foie Gras Lotus Leaf Rice, Roast Pork Belly, Lamb Trio, Black Pepper Crab Noodle and “Goreng Pisang” – a dessert showcasing bananas prepared in a few ways.


  • On Sundays when the kitchen is closed, guests are invited to Bring Your Own Food – home-cooked or otherwise. Guests need only order a bottle of wine (one bottle for every four guests) to enjoy their meal in the comfort of the bistro. The team will be on hand to help guests with wine pairings and recommendations.
  • Stay tuned to ONE FM’s #1 Breakfast Show with Glenn & The Flying Dutchman for your chance to win!

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