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WhatIF Foods

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Win a $100 worth of vouchers from WHAT IF FOODS!

  • A company founded on regenerative principles and with a mission to reinvent the way we create our favourite foods, with the insight that sustainability is not enough, their idea is to offer planet-based foods that will replenish both us and the planet.


  • It has taken a technological and science based approach to manufacturing and selling 100% plant-based foods that are comfortable and familiar - shakes, soups, noodles - yet are nutritious, high in protein, significantly lower in fat, and made from regenerative crops that restore the planet.


  • The newly-launched BamNut Noodbox is a sampler that contains all 4 flavours of its instant noodles made from the Bambara groundnut, or BamNut.


  • BamNut Pumpkin with Cheeky Curry Seasoning, and BamNut Charcoal with Shroom Pepper Seasoning to complement the original BamNut noodles and BamNut Moringa noodles.


  • The BamNut NoodBox, and all flavours of WhatIF Foods Noodles are exclusively available at FairPrice Finest and whatif-foods.com.

Stay tuned this week to The Midday Brew, weekdays, 10am - 1pm to win!

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