Cooking as ONE: Cheryl’s Homemade Bubble Tea

Cooking as ONE: Homemade Bubble Tea

Cheryl's Homemade Bubble Tea


  • 1 ¼ cup tapioca starch
  • ½ cup dark brown sugar
  • ½ cup water
  • 2 teaspoons black tea leaves
  • Milk (Cheryl used oat milk)
  • A cup
  • A tea strainer
  • Extra ¼ cup dark brown sugar
  • Dough cutter


  1. Heat up ½ cup of water with ½ cup dark brown sugar over medium low heat. 
  2. Once melted, add in only half the amount of tapioca starch.
  3. Keep stirring until combined and sticky. (Tip: work fast before the sugar burns at the bottom)
  4. Add in the rest of the tapioca starch and stir until it starts to come together into a dough. 
  5. Place the dough onto a clean work surface, together with any tapioca starch left in the pot. 
  6. Knead the dough (make sure it’s not too hot). 
  7. Cut the dough into smaller pieces, and roll them out into long and thin strips. 
  8. Using a dough cutter, cut these strips into little pieces, and roll the pieces into little pearls. 
  9. Steep the tea with only enough hot water to cover the leaves. Set it aside.
  10. In a medium-sized pot, bring 6 cups of water to a boil. 
  11. Add the pearls in. 
  12. Keep stirring periodically, so they do not stick to the bottom. 
  13. Cook for 20 minutes. 
  14. Once done, the pearls will rise to the top. 
  15. With a strainer, collect the pearls and place them in a bowl, and discard the liquids. 
  16. For your syrup, add a ¼ cup dark brown sugar to the pearls while still hot and a dash of water. If you like it sweeter, add a ½ cup dark brown sugar instead. 
  17. Assemble your bubble tea - add the tapioca pearls with some syrup, chuck in some ice, pour in the tea, top up with milk and a non-plastic straw. 
  18. Ready to serve!

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