Easing Of Circuit Breaker Measures

Easing Of Circuit Breaker Measures

As some restrictions are lifted from May 5th during Circuit Breaker, what businesses or services would you like to see resumed? Here are our top 5!

1. Pet Supply Stores & Grooming Services

If you are a rabbit owner like The Flying Dutchman, you know that rabbits have very selective diets. With the closure of pet stores, buying pet supplies online is not as easy, as some items are out of stock.

Pet grooming services are also considered an essential - as a ONE FM fan shared - Pets with skin problems will need to be groomed, especially in this humid weather. Their nails will get too long and curved, which could hurt their paws. 

2. POPULAR Bookstore

Parents with school-going children can relate to this. With home-based learning, parents would consider POPULAR as essential, as they are running out of educational materials for their children.

3. Chiropractic Services

While TCM is recognized as the equivalent to western medicine, FD pointed out that chiropractic services should also be considered as essential, as professional chiropractors could help with pain management. Many people do not believe in acupuncture, but do have regular appointments with chiropractors to manage their pain, especially the older folks.

4. Rehabilitation Centres

Rehabilitation Centres offer a range of services such as Physiotherapy which could improve the quality of life for people with disabilities or suffering from pain due to injuries.

5. Dental Clinics 

Many dental procedures may be considered non-essential, however some clinics could remain opened for procedures that are considered clinically urgent.

As a ONE FM fan shared “I hope measures for dentists will be eased. I broke my filling 2 weeks ago, and went through so much trouble to get it sorted. I could not go to my regular dentist, I ended up going to a polyclinic and after 5 hours of arguing, I got my pain settled.”

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