Exercise At Home: Angel’s Workout Routine

Exercise At Home: Angel's Workout Routine

Angel's Workout Routine


  1. In a table top position, place your wrists under your shoulders, your knees under your hips and pull your navel in and up. 
  2. Step your feet back and create a straight line from your heels to your shoulders. 
  3. Your neck is an extension of your spine and look just past your fingertips. Hold for as long as possible.  


Plank Knee-Dips

  1. In a high plank, inhale and exhale to dip your knees to kiss the mat. 
  2. Spread your fingers wide and don’t rest all of your weight into your wrists and don’t lock your elbows. 
  3. Remember to breathe. 
  4. Exhale to kiss the mat, inhale to straighten. 
  5. Do as many as you possibly can. 


Forearm Plank Hold

  1. If you have weak wrists, you can drop your elbows to where your wrists were. This is a low plank. 
  2. In your low plank, remember to keep your neck straight, and remember to breathe and pull in your belly button. Hold in the position. 


Forearm Plank Side Dips

  1. Now to work your obliques, inhale and exhale to dip your hips to one side. 
  2. Inhale to centre and exhale to dip. 
  3. Keep your hips low, and use your core to control your moves. 
  4. Keep going without compromising your posture. 
  5. To rest, you have one of two poses. 


Resting Pose 1 - Child Pose

  1. Sit back on to your heels, and stretch your arms out to rest your wrists. 
  2. Rotate your wrists if you need to. 


Resting Pose 2  - Downward Facing Dog

  1. Get back into a high plank, keep your line straight from your heels to your shoulders. 
  2. Push your hips up and back. 
  3. Reposition your feet if you need to. 
  4. Your heels don’t have to touch the ground, but remember to keep your back flat. 
  5. Bend your knees if you have to.

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