Exercise At Home: Shaun’s Workout Routine – Burpees

Exercise At Home: Shaun's Workout Routine

Shaun's Workout Routine


  1. Jumping Jacks - if you have bad knees, just step out, and bring your hands above your head. 
  2. Inch Worms - reach down, touch your toes, stretch your hamstrings and come out to a plank position. Remember to always hold on to a strong core. A great way to feel that is to suck in your belly button to the back. 
  3. Push Ups - Bring your chest all the way to the ground. Make sure your shoulders and your wrists are aligned. If you can’t do full normal push ups, you can go down on your knees instead. 
  4. Mountain Climbers - Bring your knees to your elbows, alternate between both knees. 
  5. To complete a full burpee, start with the Jumping Jack, reach down Inch Worms out, push to a Mountain Climber, and come back up. 
  6. Do it for a time limit (30-45 secs), or do 10-15 reps of Burpees. 

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