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The BIG Show is fronted by BIG and established personalities, Glenn Ong, Angelique Nicolette Teo (aka 'Angel') and The Flying Dutchman. Global yet local, The BIG Show is all about what we can offer our listeners - Simply The Best! Listeners are in for a treat with a jam packed show with content from lifestyle, current affairs and MORE!! ALSO, The BIG Show is LIVE on YouTube & Facebook EVERYDAY from 8am - 9am, with experts from various fields tackling topics from every aspect! Never about us, always about YOU! Tune in Weekdays, 6am - 10am!

MAY 22, 2023
22/05/23 - What is the FIRST Album That You Bought?
On The BIG Show today, we discussed our very first albums we have ever owned, if any of us are seeking new jobs this year and how NYC is becoming plant-based! Connect with us on Instagram: @kiss92fm @Glennn @angeliqueteo @thefdsg  Producer: @shalinisusan97

MAY 19, 2023
19/05/23 - Makansutra Friday: Live on Location
 Today on #TheBIGShowTV, our favourite foodie, K F Seetoh is back! Can you guess where he is at today? Grab a bite and join us for breakfast this morning! #Kiss92fm #SPHMedia #fastestgrowingradionetwork #TheBIGShow #LiveInterview #LiveStreaming #Interviews #Singapore #Food #SGFoodies #Hawker #Breakfast

MAY 19, 2023
19/05/23 - If You Had One Wish, What Would It Be?
The Big Show with Glenn, Angel and The Flying Dutchman

MAY 18, 2023
18/05/23 - What Do You Love And Hate About Singapore?
The Big Show with Glenn, Angel And The Flying Dutchman.

MAY 18, 2023
18/05/23 - Happy At Work Thursday: What To Do When You're Feeling Underpaid
What do you do when your colleague's payslip enters your 'inbox' by mistake and you discover she's paid much more than you? Or when a headhunter calls you up and tells you your salary is a joke? What can you do about it? Today on #TheBIGShowTV, Adrian Choo from Career Agility International - Singapore is back to discuss what to do when you're feeling underpaid Shawn Chua also returns to make our jaws drop with his mind-blowing tricks. #Kiss92fm #SPHMedia #fastestgrowingradionetwork #TheBIGShow #LiveInterview #LiveStreaming #Interviews #Singapore #Career #Salary #Income #Magic #Cards

MAY 17, 2023
17/05/23 - What Are First Date Dealbreakers?
The Big Show With Glenn, Angel and The Flying Dutchman

MAY 17, 2023
17/05/23 - Getting To Know: John Barnes
Today on #TheBIGShowTV, we get to know John Barnes, former professional footballer from England, widely regarded as one of the greatest wingers to have graced the game. During his time at Liverpool, Barnes became an integral part of the team's success, helping them secure numerous domestic and European trophies. Let's talk football with him! Tune in to find out more about John Barnes as he dives into his career as well as the Festival of Football that will be happening in Singapore from 26 July to 2 August. #Kiss92fm #SPHMedia #fastestgrowingradionetwork #TheBIGShow #LiveInterview #LiveStreaming #Interviews #Singapore #TheBIGShowTV #JohnBarnes #Football #Liverpool 

MAY 16, 2023
16/05/23 - Are You An Early Bird Or A Night Owl?
The Big Show with Glenn, Angel and The Flying Dutchman

MAY 16, 2023
16/05/23 - Therapy Tuesday: Mothering and the RTS Link
 Mother's day was just over the weekend, so let's learn a little more about them! Dr Geraldine Tan from The Therapy Room Singapore is back to share the differerent types of attachment, what represents a mother as well as the toughest decisions mothers out there have to make. Nian Tjoe returns to discuss getting to Johor Bahru during the June holidays. Although the RTS Link may not be operational yet, we can still take the KTM train or bus. Which would you choose? #Kiss92fm #SPHMedia #fastestgrowingradionetwork #TheBIGShow #LiveInterview #LiveStreaming #Interviews #Singapore #TheBIGShowTV #Mothersday #JB 

MAY 15, 2023
15/05/23 - Which Sport Should We Focus Our Funding On?
The Big Show with Glenn, Angel and The Flying Dutchman

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